Crazy Faith

Last week, I returned from a mission trip that I will never forget. This was my first mission trip and I had no idea what to expect. Maybe I would pray for some people. Maybe some people would be saved. I wasn’t sure what God had in store….

There were 10,000 missionaries, 43 nations represented, book distribution, school ministry, medical clinics, amazon jungle outreach, clean water projects and multiple stadium events.

Along with other members of my church, I was a part of the school ministry. With missionaries all over Peru, my church group was specifically placed in the city of Callao. Callao is the most dangerous city in all of Peru and one of the poorest. Each and every day, I was humbled by the living conditions and the lack of resources. I was also encouraged by the people that inhabited the land. These people had so much heart. They were tenacious and hungry for truth.

Because of their circumstances, I believe that their faith was on another level.They didn’t have much. Sometimes, God was their only option.

Realization of that last statement really humbled me. Here in the U.S., there are so many options. We are spoiled and we don’t even know it. Even in some of the areas that I consider poor, it is nothing compared to the conditions I saw in Callao. All of Peru isn’t poor, just as all of America isn’t rich, but I believe that I was in Callao to understand something…I was able to understand that for where God is taking me, he needs to be my only option. “When God is your only option, your faith has to be on another level.” You can’t see faith. This is a physical world, so naturally we try and make everything make sense. But God doesn’t make sense.

As I am settling from my return, I have some crazy dreams for myself. I believe God has placed those dreams in my heart. Activating my faith for these dreams is necessary! I want to be who God created me to be and the process to get there is going to take crazy faith! I’m willing to believe the things that I cannot see. I am going to walk on the water towards Jesus. I am going to inhabit the land that God has given me.

Today, I am choosing to have crazy faith! What are you believing God for? Will you do the same?

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 KJV

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