Unexpected Outcomes

I’m starting to become one of those ppl who can preach off of anything and find a lesson in everything 😂.

Today, I received and award, in the mail, congratulating me on 5 years of service. If someone had told me( on my first day) that I would be at my job for 5 years, I wouldn’t have made it 🤣. No, seriously! There is no telling what I would have done.

You see, the children of Israel had to remain in a place for a longer period of time because of their disobedience. While they were there, God had to teach them some things and establish who he was. I thought I would be at my job for 1 year, max! I have had so many ups and downs there, but that place has taught me A LOT! That place almost finished an already broken girl. But God used my situation. My spiritual transformation happened in the time I spent here. Every day brought me closer and closer to my knees. I finally had to acknowledge God and who he was. I threw in the flag and surrendered! And I’m glad I did! Because even now when I’m not happy, I have joy!

No matter what situation you may find yourself in, trust in God to see you through it!

Happy Monday!

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