The Paradox

Steven Furtick, Pastor of Elevation Church, titled one of his sermons, “The Paradox of Progress.” In one part he says, “the closer you get, the further you feel.”

That hit me me hard! When he said that, I begin to think about my journey with God and some of the emotions I have been going through lately. The more I strive to be a more mature Christian, doing things like reading my bible daily, tithing, praying and applying the bible to my life, the more it feels like I am moving backwards.

So what I mean by backwards is that I thought I was further along in the beginning of my journey. For example, I know the bible tells me that no other god comes before God. While I know this is true and I have known it for years, the application is totally different from the knowledge. Often times I find myself putting everything else before my time spent with God. The Holy Spirit will only let me get so far, but then He will remind me that I’m not putting God first in certain areas. Another example is God’s grace. I knew it was a big deal, but it wasn’t until I really started being tested by God that I knew how big of a deal it was. God knows I learn things quickly, as an intellectual, but a Christian life is about much more than knowing. It’s about being an example. The more I’m tested and the more I fail, the less mature I feel… my whole goal is to be more mature! And this is what I believe the paradox of progress is.

So, although it seems like I’m getting further away, I’m really not. I just didn’t realize where I was starting from in the first place…. but God knew all along!

Today, I want to encourage you to keep pushing, keep seeking, keep knocking, keep asking, keep moving! Every test and every trial, even if failed, gives you the opportunity to learn a lesson and move forward!

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