Affirm it!

“Even when I don’t see him, he’s working. Even when I don’t feel him, he’s working. He never stops working…”

These are lyrics to one of my favorite songs right now. I’ve never seen these words so clearly before the past two weeks, but I choose to believe them. Even now, as I type this post with no inspiration, I believe that God never stops working.

This past weekend was awesome. I got to see my family and I celebrated my 10 year class reunion. I woke up one day with a heart so grateful. I’m nowhere near where I imagined myself to be in life, but I have been through some fire and I’ve been through some mud. I am still alive and I don’t look like what I’ve been through.

I’m at a place that many of us get to. A place where I can’t see what God is up to. Because I know how powerful our thoughts and words are, I decided to write down some affirmations on my mirror. I wrote these a while back, but I think it’s important to remind myself of those things when I can’t see God working. Here are mine:

I am God’s girl

I am strong

I am courageous enough to push past my fears

I am a number one best-selling author

I am beautiful

I am wealthy by God’s standards

I am a lender and not a borrower

I am wise

I am a wife and a mother

I am a world traveler

Now that I’ve shared mine, I want you to write some. You won’t always be on the mountaintop and God may be silent sometimes, so write down some things that you believe about yourself. Write some things that God promised and say them aloud. EVERYDAY.

Happy Monday! Let’s get those affirmations going.

2 thoughts on “Affirm it!

  1. This post is EVERYTHING Stephanie!!! To say that you were uninspired in writing it, it sure did fire me up. That’s just how good he is. Your lack of inspiration has me running. How about that!?!?!?!

    My Affirmations
    1. I am wise
    2. I am loving
    3. I offer peace
    4. I am considerate
    5. I am submissive (To God and to my Husband)
    6. I am full of mercy and GOOD fruit
    7. I am impartial and sincere
    8. I am REDEEMED

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