Isaiah 40:31 “But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

Last week, your girl was fed up and T-I-R-E-D, tired! Have you ever sat for the SAT or have you ever taken some sort of standardized test? If you have, you know how long those tests are. You take one section, get a break and then there is another section. You do this over and over until each section is complete. Although you’ve been prepared for the test, you must have stamina. If not, you’ll get careless and start marking any answer just to get done. Well, God has been testing me lately and let me tell you, it’s been like the SAT. Long and with many areas to cover. Patience, trust, endurance, faith, giving and self-control are just a few of the things he wanted to check off.

Every time I felt like the test was almost done, there was something else. The pace that God had set for me was at turtle speed and I was getting weary. I got stuck in the comparison trap too. I was looking at others speeding through life, finding purpose, while I was struggling just to hear back from God. I was struggling to remain encouraged. Last Sunday, something my pastor said clicked. He said, “the teacher is quiet while the student is testing.” Is this why I felt weary? I was seeking God with my whole heart trying to make wise decisions all while continuing to give praise in situations that seemed hopeless. I felt like the testing would never end.

But let me tell you, God is faithful. It’s really a battle out here in these streets of salvation. Just as I thought I didn’t have much more fight in me, God flipped a switch. Although I was tired, I continued to look to God for my strength. Some of you know my testimony. If you don’t, let me just say that I KNOW the meaning of “I searched all over, couldn’t find nobody!” Even though I was struggling, I knew there was no where else for me to turn. So, I sat and sat at the feet of Jesus. I wasn’t going anywhere. In doing so, God finally spoke and the first thing he did was remind me who I was!

I am THAT girl! God’s girl!
I am royalty!
I am a warrior!
I am a winner!
I am strong!
I am wise!

I had been saying these things to myself, but this time, it really clicked! I was able stand up again. I have a new strength to get out here and battle! I plan to be all that God has called me to be and I know my enemy doesn’t like that. God was just trying to make me stronger in the meantime. Mission accomplished God, well done! And guess what, he will continue to test how he sees fit. But that’s okay, because I keep my armor on and I am ready to fight…because I know who I am! I know whose I am and I know he will always strengthen me for the task!

One thought on “Destined

  1. It truly is a battle in the streets of salvation. I am so glad that God gives us the strength and endurance to continue to run this race. This was an awesome word and a great reminder.

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