Generational Woes

In a lot of ways, I love my generation…. but every time I turn around and see an article about millennials, it becomes abundantly clear to me that we are a generation that doesn’t know how to work through adversity. It’s like all we do is quit, complain or try to throw the work off on others.

We get on social media and get twitter fingers about every issue, but are doing absolutely nothing in the community to make a difference. We can’t get rooted in anything because our first instinct has become that of quitting. We desire to buck the system so much that we fail to learn from those who came before us. We flaunt our education, but what is knowledge to wisdom? Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t every millennial. But as a whole, this is what I see.

Maybe the generation before us didn’t go through what we’re going through, but guess what, they had their own struggle! They learned to work through it. They made lemonade out of lemons. They paved the way so that certain opportunities could be made available to us. Besides, there is nothing new under the sun.

I’m not writing this to bash millennials because I am one…If you are a millennial or anyone who possesses these qualities, It would behoove you to grow through the adversity. Stop quitting and trying to take the easy way out. In this life you will have challenges. How will you use them to create something that makes a difference?

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