Rescue me, oh Lord.

I feel trapped In the gate surrounding my heart.

I can’t come and go as I please.

Something won’t let me out.

And not too much, that I see, can come in.

On one hand, I want to stay

I feel protected from harm.

But on the other hand,

I want to be free…

Free to see what’s beyond the gate Free to let those things inside with me.

From the distance, I can see the destruction and the disaster that it guards me from.

I see the fire and the torn down houses.

I see the heartbreak and the despair.

I see the sadness and the regret.

So why do I want to let it in with me?

Omniscient,omnipotent, omnipresent God…

Help me because I don’t know what’s good for me.

Sometimes, I want to let in what I know I should not.

Sometimes, I want to go where I know I shouldn’t go.

Who is the gatekeeper?

Here, are you and I and those people and things you’ve shown me to let in.

There are still some people and things that I need to see out.

I heard you when you told me…

But you never make me do anything.

I’m free to let anything in

And I’m free to see anything out.

I need you to help me to choose what’s right.

Your counsel has proven to be wise.

So help me, Lord

To desire what you desire for me.

To not want the things that you do not want for me.

To remain kept by you…

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