I saw a post from a guy named Dustin Benge.

The post read:

After living in America for a matter of months, a Christian Iranian couple decided to move back to Iran.

The wife told her husband, “There is a satanic lullaby here. All the Christians are sleepy and I’m feeling sleepy.”

I’m not sure if this is a true story or an example, but this really hit me. When I first came back to Christ, I was so on fire! I remember people actually telling me that my fire would die down…

Three years later, I’m still on fire. But I’ve learned a lot in the process. Now, while the post says “all Christians,” I would say many Christians are falling asleep. That fire is not what it once was. Why is that? I need someone to tell me because I have boiled it down to distractions.

We live in a world where things are so easily accessible. We don’t have to work hard for most things. Many want to be famous, so they chase the wrong things. We compare our lives to other people, who never show their struggles. And last, but not least, many people don’t actually want to deal with other people.

I have so much I could say about each of these, but what I want people to do is WAKE UP! I want you to know that you’re being distracted.

I sometimes feel like John the Baptist, yelling in the wilderness. Jesus is coming back. What are we doing though? Stuck right where we are, living our lives through a screen. We have got to get that passion back for the things of God.

That includes reading his word, applying his word and most of all, discipling and loving each other. We were created for God’s glory and not our own. I think we need to refocus.

Can we move past the distractions?….

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