Living Single

“Your standards are way too high” “You expect too much.” “No one is perfect.”

Singles, I know many of you have heard this before. I know I have. My favorite one is —> “You’ll be alone forever with standards like that.” I laugh because people think this is some sort of threat….well, it’s not. At least not to me anyway. I’ll be honest, I want to be married one day, but not at the cost of lowering my standards.

Yes, there are beautiful parts to marriage, but there are also parts that can do more damage than good if people settle just for the sake of being married. When you know that there is purpose in singleness, you will also begin to see that there is purpose in marriage. My question is, why would you want to enter a serious covenant with someone that can not push you closer to God or your purpose for even being together?

Now, this is not a case to persuade you to never enter a marriage covenant. It is simply me sharing wisdom on how being single serves a purpose. The apostle Paul tells us that being unmarried can be a good thing. It allows time for devotion to the Lord producing holiness in body and spirit. Your attention is not torn with earthly duties such as having a wife/husband/kids. If you do desire marriage, singleness is a time to discover what your purpose is and how you will contribute to your purpose together. You do that by spending time with God. Reading your word, praying, serving and loving others are all things you can work on in your singleness.

Personally, as I work on these things, I pray that my future husband is working on those things also. While God is showing me what is means to be a woman of God, I pray that God is showing my husband how to be a man of God.


Dear future husband,

I waited too patiently to settle for less. You won’t be perfect, but you WILL be worth it!


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