Read or Misread?

One of my favorite youtubers “asCEDbyme” started a podcast with his wife Charlotte “CEDbyCharlotte.” Their first discussion was about reading between the lines.

They each gave good points for the good and the bad of reading between the lines. Ced began to express his feelings on the situation and he felt that many men differed from women in that they were more direct. I don’t believe he was saying that women can’t be direct, it’s just that they tend to be the ones who expect others to read between the lines the most. Now, I do believe that someone who knows me on a deeper level should begin knowing what I like and what I dislike or be able to read my demeanor and body language in certain situations. But I also began a deeper evaluation and realized…

I often expect people to read my mind!

And no, I’m not talking in a spooky way. Often times I get placed in situations where I feel like people should know things and I get upset when they don’t. At the same time, I don’t tell them my issue. For example, many of you know my job has been the “thorn in my side” for years. Almost 5 years to be exact. When I get there, I often expect people to know certain things like what’s right and what’s not right. I expect them to know what’s fair and what’s not fair, but often times, they fail at what I think should be common sense. At the same time, I don’t always say anything, which then results in me reading between the lines.

Here’s what I read “I’m taking advantage of your kindness.”

I read that, but that may not always be the case. Maybe sometimes it is, but I will never know if I don’t say anything. This is where the uncomfortable conversations arise. Sometimes, I feel like I shouldn’t have to say certain things, but I am realizing I must! Sometimes I want people to read between the lines because certain things are hard for me to say. Sometimes if I think it will cause a rift, I won’t say it…

But those days are gone. I am going to make it my duty to be more direct. To stop beating around the bush and say what needs to be said. Because it’s only hurting me to sit in that anger and frustration when the other party is probably clueless!

Do you expect people to read between the lines?

In what circumstances do you need to be more direct today?

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