The Power of Knowledge

This past Sunday, I had the privilege to speak on the power of knowledge. Today, I just wanted to share a portion of it…

First of all, there are two types of knowledge. The first is worldly knowledge and the second is Godly knowledge. I want to focus on Godly knowledge. There is nothing wrong with worldly knowledge because we live in a physical world and we must have it. But I do want you to know that Godly knowledge will be the most important knowledge that you’ll ever acquire in your life.

Hosea 4:6 says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The people were being destroyed not because they didn’t have worldly knowledge, but because they were rejecting knowledge of God. They weren’t lacking the knowledge, they just rejected it, therefore rejecting God.

We do the same thing today. Many reject God, but those of us who have accepted his son, reject real knowledge of God.

That’s because real relationship with God REQUIRES you to give up your own way.

Go read 2 Peter 1( KJV). The text there is so rich! It speaks of how grace and peace can be multiplied in our lives through knowledge of God. Knowledge here means real and authentic knowledge or knowledge through experience. We must spend time with God and learn his ways. Being aware of God is not enough. God has given us all things to live a rich and Godly life.

Provers 1:7 tells us that fear of God is the beginning of true knowledge. This isn’t paralyzing fear. This is reverential fear. If we could just realize the magnitude of who God is, our lives would be drastically changed, forever!

To hear more, tune in to my youtube channel (Chasing Real) tomorrow!

Happy Monday!

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