Last Dance

I sit alone in the room and that’s where he spots me. His mega bright smile, it’s charming.

Making his way over, I sense that I know him. He stands before me, sticks out his hand and asks, “May I have this dance.”

He’s tall dark and not so handsome, but why am I attracted? Before I can answer, he sweeps me off my feet and we begin to tango.

The smell of that cologne is oh so familiar…

It smells like deception.

I know that fragrance and I loathe it, but It will do for now. After all, it would be rude not to dance.

As we move in silence, I get that feeling again. Who is this?

I think he senses my question.

He begins to whisper in my ear… “How are you enjoying the King’s ball?” He doesn’t give me time to answer. “No one else wants to dance with you. I came and asked because you were the only one left.”

I pull back in horror. His smile is now sly. I look him dead in the eye….

It’s Rejection!

I knew that I knew him. We go waaaaay back. We actually dated back in elementary and middle school. Took me to prom in high school. We went off to college together and even graduated together. He finally broke my heart 2 years ago and I decided I was done with him.

Now here he stands, two hears later. He looks different. How did he find me? I try and pull away, but he grips me.

He never played fair. I gave my all and it was never good enough. I could never please him. He continues to whisper, ” how did you get invited? No one cares about you. Maybe you should have just stayed home.”

Before I knew it, a loud deep voice behind me interjected. “She’s here because I invited her. I already know who she is, she’s my guest of honor. I’m not sorry to do this, but I will now take her hand.”

Instantly, rejection releases me. I turn around and catch site of the most magnificent man I have ever laid eyes upon. His beauty is indescribable. In his presence I feel precious and his loving kindness brings me to tears.

He is the king!

I look at rejection and I tell him one last time…”that was our last dance.”

I turn to the king and he takes my hand and we fall into a slow dance. I realize I’m right where I need to be. I think I could dance with him forever!


Thanks for reading! For those of you dealing with rejection, just know that there is a God who knows and loves you. He knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. He watched as you were formed in utter seclusion and up until this point, he knows the very number of hairs on your head! “If it’s the attention that you really want, then God already knows who you are.” He loves you that way!

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