A Dream

The other day, I met my husband!

Then I woke up *sighs*. To be quite candid, I was sort of bummed that it was a dream. I reeeealllllllyyyy wanted it to be one of those dreams that came true. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve dreamt something, and it actually manifested. For me, God is usually heavy on the symbolism. Sometimes he reveals the meaning and sometimes he doesn’t. So, was the dream I had about my husband symbolic or not? Well, honestly, I don’t know. Let me tell you a little of what happened….

In real life, I cannot stand to be late. I have not pinned down why that is such a pet peeve for me, but God has been working on my patience. So, In the dream, I am supposed to be somewhere, but my mom needs me to take her somewhere else 30 minutes before my appointment. I agree, but I tell her that she needs to be on time so that I can make it on time. Well, my mom ends up being late, but she still needs me to take her to her destination. At this point, I am upset because I know I will be late to my appointment. So, I take my mother where she needs to go, and I run into this lady. We get into an argument. I don’t argue with this woman because of anything in specific, I am just mad that I am going to be late, so I take my anger out on her. Eventually, I realize the argument is pointless and unnecessary. I tell her we should let it go, she continues to argue. I tell her again that I am done arguing and I walk a few steps away from her. All of a sudden the scene changes. I am in this room and I am sitting in a circle with the same lady and some others. A guy, who seems to be the leader of the circle, stands and starts speaking. For a while, I don’t even realize he is speaking to me until he starts saying things pertaining to me. He begins to tell me that he has been watching me. He tells me about all of my insecurities and all of my flaws….but then says that he wants to love me through them all. He basically tells me he wants to wash me clean and love me as Christ loves the church…that I was his bride. I begin to cry. Not so much because of the guy, but because of God’s faithfulness. I continued to cry and then I woke up.

When I woke up, that dream was so heavy on my heart. I tried to go back to sleep because I had work that night, but I couldn’t. I felt as though God was asking for my time. So, I went to speak with God. I’m still not sure of the dream’s meaning, but here are some things that it reassured me of.

  1. God is ALWAYS on time: In the dream, I was so upset about not being able to get to what I had planned that I almost missed a divine appointment. God does not work on our time and he does not do things how we think they should be done. He is all knowing, and his work is complete. He has seen creation from the beginning to the end. How could he not know what’s best for us? Why would we challenge his sovereignty?
  2. Seek God first: The word tells us to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness first, and other things will be added. One thing I noticed in the dream was that I was not looking for my husband. He sort of came out of nowhere. He said that he was watching me. This shows that he saw something in my character that drew him to me. That is how I want to be found…being obedient and faithful. Tending my father’s business. When you tend to the father’s business, you better believe he is going to tend to yours!
  3. God is faithful: Although this dream could have just been a dream, It reassured me of God’s faithfulness. Here I sit, still single and waiting. I could pout about it, but I don’t because I know who my Father is. There is a desire in my heart and I know he will come through. I know that whoever I meet will be worth the wait. God waited on me when I was full of doubt, but then I returned to him, I know all of heaven sang. So, I know the wait is worth it.
  4. Singleness is a ministry: Life does not begin when you get married. Yes, marriage is a ministry, but so is singleness. I have grown so much in my single season and I believe it’s because I can give God a lot of my attention. I have blossomed under the love of Christ. It’s funny because there has been suspicion that I am seeing someone. I just call it the Christ glow lol. God makes me feel beautiful and worthy. He is my best friend. He has so much in store for those he loves.

It’s just so reassuring that I can talk to God about things as small as my dreams. I don’t know all the answers, but it sure does feel good to hear from the one who does!

1 Peter 5:7: Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

3 thoughts on “A Dream

  1. Oh Stephanie! Thank you so much for sharing your “Dream” with us. I cannot wait to see how it manisfests in your life. I have been in a single struggle for many years, and it was refreshing to learn over these past few months that my singleness is indeed a ministry! Thank you so much for affirming that in this post. And while we are single, why not be about our Father’s business because that is what He desires. What a great post!!!

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  2. Married life is great, but so is singleness. The one thing I miss most is unhindered time with the Lord. Enjoy singleness. 1Cor 7:32 -34.

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