Peace (A Fruit of the Spirit)

As I walked into the room, I was told what I would do, because of _____insert absurd reason here____. This wasn’t my first rodeo, but these rodeos were becoming so frequent that my head was beginning to swim. I have always been a kind person and I have always been helpful when I could. But, sadly, there is a point when others begin to take your kindness for weakness.

As I listened to a bunch of non-sense, for the thousandth time, I began to get angry. You ever been so angry that you just want to cry???…because you know you can’t react the way your flesh wants you to react? You see, that’s the reality of a believer’s life. In tough moments, you must decide how you will represent Christ. In my case, I chose to represent Christ well, and here is why…

  1. What the world didn’t give, the world can’t take away- You see, God had been dealing with me regarding the area of peace. I was watching Pastor Michael Todd one evening and he said that most people probably picture peace as a sunset, sitting on the beach…or maybe even getting away somewhere, reading a good book, or watching a movie. He then said something that I was thinking the whole time. He said,“A temporary escape is a counterfeit peace.” The things we think are bringing us peace can often be temporary, but God promised us a gift and that is peace of mind and heart. He said the peace he gives is not a gift that the world could give (John 14:27) So, if I were to blow up, I would have literally been handing away my peace!
  2. The enemy uses people as pawns in his game- I was talking to a good friend this morning and she said, just remember, it’s not the people, it’s the enemy. The enemy needs pawns because he can’t be everywhere at once. We have to remember that what the enemy cannot destroy, he distracts.
  3. I am on fire- In my childhood, there was one toy that I especially loved to play with. The goal of the game was the find the shape that the toy wanted to be in. I order to do this, you would have to contort it until you found the shape it wanted to be in. If you got further away from the desired shape, the toy would murmur “cold” or “ice cold” in a very mundane voice. My favorite part was when I was super close to figuring out what the toy wanted. When I was on the edge of figuring it out, the toy would shout “ON FIRE!”. And that is where I believe I am in life, as God wants me to get somewhere. The enemy is trying his hardest to distract me. So I now know that I am ON FIRE! I am right on the edge and I could arrive to the very place God wants me to be.

So, I know this Christian journey can be difficult and we want to know how to handle real life situations. Just remember who you are and who you serve. The journey isn’t going to be perfect, but don’t give up so easily! What the world can’t give, the world can’t take away! There is one who will fight for you! Peace be with you, my friends!

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