I know you’re out there being great, so here’s a quick reminder…. the enemy is studying you! He’s watching you while you get your groove. He’s even sitting back while you get a few goals down, but he’s waiting on you to tire out, lose momentum and get too comfortable! He’s waiting for you to get so comfortable that he’ll be able to run some serious offense on you! He’s about to enter the game and his crossover is nasty! Here’s some reminders on how to play good defense and how to remain unshakeable.

  1. Always be alert- Although the enemy cannot be everywhere, he sends his best players to go against you.
  2. Keep your head in the game- Don’t lose focus, your opponent wants to win too. Don’t doubt your opponent’s capabilities.
  3. Get the right people on your team- This is important. It’s vital for your teammates to know their position. You must have the right people in the right place, who are the best team players. Which leads to the last point…
  4. Recognize that the MVP is on your team! His name is Jesus! He is also your most dependable player and he plays a pertinent role in your victory. He’s always on time, always a part of the game, and knows every opponent’s moves. He wants you to call on him, especially in defense against your greatest opponent! The enemy can’t pull a crossover when Jesus is the defender!
  5. Don’t lose hope- you won’t always be in the lead, but your victory is guaranteed!

Now stay humble and continue being great!

3 thoughts on “Unshakeable

  1. Yes! Don’t take the great times for granted! Always be ready for the attack. Stay strong and be consistent. We have the winning combination already in us!

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