Humble Yourself

When I first started serving, I remember being a part of everything. I was always there when someone called me and I was never late. I got burnt out quick and I’ll tell you why…

I didn’t see it then, but I wanted my name stamped on what I had done. Often times, that’s how a lot of us are. We can’t do something for someone else without anyone knowing. We think, if people don’t see it, they won’t know how much of a “good” person we are or how much of a servant we are. But this type of thinking is flawed and rooted in pride. Plain and simple, we want the glory. The hard truth is, the glory does not belong to us, it belongs to the Lord! I can’t help but think of satan when I talk about pride. So much pride was found in him, that he was thrown down from heaven. He couldn’t settle with the fact that the glory was not his. I think we should pay careful attention to that. We must humble ourselves or God will. I choose the former.

Today, I recognize that the glory belongs to God. Jesus came down from heaven to Earth just to save us. He was the greatest servant. All of the glory was rightfully his, but did we see him complain when he didn’t get it? So, how can we complain and it was never ours to begin with?

Today, evaluate how you are serving others. If need be, humble yourself!

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