Just Do It

Just do it

No, I’m not talking about Nike. I’m talking about my current season…

As I was sitting here thinking about my life, I began to think of the resistance I am/have been experiencing in one particular area. It has been over four years, now, that I have been struggling with this certain area of my life.

When I came back to Christ, so many things became clear, excluding this one area of my life. Everything in me can’t understand why I’m so dissatisfied or why I have to do it. Day in and day out, I pray. And let me tell you, the prayers/petitions have gotten a bit desperate. I have asked God to deliver me, I have asked God to move me where I thought I wanted to be (he did, and turns out, it’s not what I wanted), I have offered to sell my possessions to start over, I have asked him to change my perspective, I have asked him to strengthen me… and the list goes on. God has taught me that, we can try and run from a situation, but no matter how hard or how far we run, the issue will find us.

You want to know the reality of it all? Every day I feel slain, but every day, I am encouraged by God’s word. As I was sitting here praying about this area of resistance, the words “Just do it” came to mind. It is the title of this season. It had been a hard pill to swallow. I can often feel the magnitude of what God is calling me to, but I often get caught up in where I am now. I sometimes feel like I am wasting time. I know others can feel this way too. When I first realized I had to just do it, more questions came to mind. Questions like, how much longer? Will it get better? Why? But daily, God reminds me of his word. Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” I wear this on my neck every day. It is a constant reminder.

God also tells us to cast all our cares on him because he cares about us! I find comfort in this because my God is a promise keeper. He is holy, he does not lie. In a meeting yesterday, my pastor said “we easily submit to things we want to do.” Ain’t that the truth. God often calls us to things we don’t want to do. But what do you do when God asks you to do something undesirable? …something that makes no sense?

Through it all, God has left me right where I’m at. With this thorn in my side. I personally believe he’s testing my character and my faith. He is taking me through a period of crushing. I was listening to Christine Cain and she brought to light how we are in a generation that doesn’t want to be crushed, but rather paraded with our gifts. The thing is, the only way to get an anointing is through crushing. How do you make new wine? You put the grapes in a vat and they are crushed. She reminded us that gifts can fill a room, gifts can stir up people, but then reminded us that it is not the gift, but the anointing that breaks yokes and chains and bondages.

So, why am I saying this? Well, quite frankly, I agree that we need more anointing. I believe this period of waiting and crushing is directly related to my purpose. Yes, I have gifts, but will they be enough to keep where God is trying to take me? I think I know the answer to my question. To get where God is trying to take me, I need to be crushed! I need the anointing! Maybe this is where you are? Maybe God has been silent… maybe he has asked you to do something that is hard? The thing is, you must be willing to be crushed. Especially if you want the oil to flow. You must be willing to go where God requires.

Just do it!

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