Life Giver

It’s 1:04 a.m. on a Monday morning. About an hour ago, I sat down to think of what to write about this week. I got NOTHING. I was drawing blanks.  So, I began to ask God what I should write about. At first, there was still nothing. I got distracted from the task at hand and began to scroll on Instagram. I know…but don’t’ act like you don’t get distracted sometimes lol.  So, I continued to scroll through the search section on Instagram and it’s like the whole page was filled with Beyoncé. I want to go ahead and tell the beyhive not to come for me because I’m only about to say what’s real. So, as I saw her, I remembered a line that I’d overheard from one of her songs. I say overheard because her song was playing somewhere and I wasn’t paying attention until I heard these words “I’m so nice, Jesus Christ, I’m better than the hype, I give you life.”  As I thought about that, I also thought about something a guest pastor asked us yesterday. He said, “how many of you have life?..real life that Jesus promises?” As these two thoughts coincided, I began to realize some things.

 Real life comes from nowhere but Jesus: Honestly, I took offense to the Beyoncé lyric. You may think it’s just a lyric, but I saw it deeper. Words are more powerful than you know. Some people really try and find life through Beyoncé. Not only do they try and find life through her, but through many other things.  And that’s another point, the world will promise you things that it cannot deliver.  I remember when I didn’t know Christ. I looked for happiness in worldly things. So many things gave me “life” it was ridiculous. Here are some phrases that I often used…

“Food, it gives me liiiiiife!”

“Beyonce, she gives me liiiife!”

“(Insert worldly thing here), it gives me liiiife!”

I remember depending on these things so much. When they were not there, I had to face reality. I didn’t have anything, especially life. I was unfulfilled. My life and happiness depended on these things that would soon fade away. How sad.

I am now proud to say that I have abundant life. I had answered the pastor’s question earlier, but it’d really hit me this morning. You see, I usually draw my content from my life struggles and lessons. For an extended period, I was without real life. When I accepted Jesus as my savior, he dropped a lot of wisdom on me, which I am forever grateful for. This blog began with me just recapping all that I’d learned. So, when I was thinking of what to write earlier, I was going back to what was familiar. I was trying to think of a recent struggle and I couldn’t think of one worth writing about. You know why? Let me tell you….my life has been transformed. I’m not saying that I will no longer face struggles worth writing about because I am promised to struggle. But today, I would be remiss not to express my thankfulness that Jesus Christ gave me real life. I can’t focus on my struggles, because I’m blinded by his promises!

Today, if any of you want to know where to find real life, I point you to Jesus. He is the bread of life, he is the living water. He won’t ever fade away. He is without error. He never changes. He is a promise keeper. He is EVERYTHING. HE IS LIFE!


“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”- Jon 10:10

2 thoughts on “Life Giver

  1. “I can’t focus on my struggles because I’m BLINDED by His promises!!!” Stephanie, this was a running statement right here. Aww man, I almost just took off at this desk. Thank you for showing us who the true life giver is, and for encouraging us to seek Him. Thank you for continuing to draw parallels with our popular culture and our faith, so we can discern who and what really gives us life. #abundantlife

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