A Life Worth Living

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

Who are you? Why are you here? These are a couple of the questions that have racked the brains of many…from the most intelligent to the least. Numerous philosophical debates have been had on the purpose of our existence. Today, I want to speak to you from the perspective of a believer.

As believers, we know that God has a plan for our lives. My questions for you (yes you!) are; Do you know your purpose? If so, are you living it? If not, are you seeking it? Do you even care? Below, is a little of how I’ve come to live my life on purpose and for purpose.

Get a revelation of who you are: You can thank my pastor for this key point lol. But the truth is, you are bound to get lost in the sauce if you don’t know who you are. Let me tell you a story. In college, my faith was super shaky…I’d say it was built on quicksand \(-_-)/ . I had so many questions like the ones above, so I decided to take a philosophy class. In the beginning, our professor asked us to write down what we believed about who we were and why we were here. He said that he would have us do it again at the end of the semester and then we could compare the two cards. My cards went a little something like this….

What Stephanie believed at the beginning of the semester: God of the bible is real. He created us and if anyone tries to convince you anything different, it’s a scheme of the devil.

What Stephanie believed at the end of the semester: God of the bible is not real, religion is just a scheme to keep us back from hidden knowledge of the universe.

……yeah…I know. The one thing that I had “believed” about life, changed in the span of 4 months. As I sat and read that card from the beginning of the semester, it seemed like the response of a person I didn’t know.

This leads to my sub point of getting a revelation of who you are…you must set boundaries and stick to them. Write down some things about yourself that you believe. Make a mental list of what you will and won’t do. What you stand for. What lines you will not cross. That one mental boundary that I crossed in philosophy class distracted me from my purpose for YEARS! I was being led in circles. Nowadays, we are swayed by whatever sounds good. We cross our boundaries for whatever is pleasing to our flesh. Begin to be intentional about your boundaries. You won’t always be motivated, so you’re going to need to be disciplined.

Chase real: That sounds familiar right? Hence the name of my blog. For me, God is what’s real. His kingdom is real. I couldn’t continue to live a life chasing after things that would soon fade away. It was so unsatisfying. God has placed something in each of our hearts and we can definitely feel the effects of going against his plan. God says to seek first his kingdom and righteousness and those other things will come. The key word here is FIRST. Before I knew anything about my purpose or how to find out what it was, I began to seek God. I had and still have a real hunger to know him and his will…and I continually pray that I will have this hunger for him. He has shown me so much about myself. He has restored those lost/distracted years and he has used them to sharpen me. He is growing me and stretching me in ways that I didn’t even know I could operate. God is the one doing the work, we just have to be the open vessels. I love how apostle Paul said, “My life is worth nothing to me, unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus.” Think about that…can you say the same?

This week, I want you to focus on living a life worth living. Begin to ask God his will for your life. When he reveals it, take courage. Don’t settle for this mediocrity that the world sells us. There is purpose in you and the world is waiting for you to walk in it! I believe you will find great pleasure when you do.

4 thoughts on “A Life Worth Living

  1. Stephanie! Oh my goodness, “you won’t always be motivated so you have to be disciplined.” That one line was absolutely for me. Thank you so much for this post, I am more determined than ever to walk in my purpose!

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