Know Yourself

You will never know the potential that’s inside of you if you let the opinions of people tell you who you are.  

You talk too much, you’re too quiet, you need to do this more, do that less, look like this be like that….

Certain personality traits that you have covered up, just to please others, is so pleasing to the enemy. It’s pleasing because he has tricked you into being just like everybody else! Everybody else…as in people who don’t know who they are. A group full of lost ones who have no clue where they came from, who they are, or where they’re going!

Don’t you know God created you for his own specific purpose! It is not by chance that you arrived here. Nobody else on earth carries what you carry! Adam carried the whole human race inside of him!

It’s time to shut down the lies of the enemy and be who you were created to be. The next time someone tries to tell you who you are, ask them, “who are you?”

Who are you letting define who you are? Spend some time seeking the thoughts of the only one who matters.

4 thoughts on “Know Yourself

  1. Stephanie! this is such a great reminder for us to stop conforming to what is around us, and to be as authentic as possible. If we don’t show up in our true selves, not only will we miss out and feel a void, but we will rob people of the gifts and personality that God intended for us to use for His glory. What an amazing reminder. Thank you again!!!

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